About Me

My name is Michael Hosker, as you may already be able to tell! I have been involved many IT projects , they can be viewed here. My blog details some of the challenges that I have come across whilst working on these projects and some shortcuts that I have discovered! If you have any queries about anything on the site or want to report a problem then contact me here!

My Interests

I have many interests, they include but are not limited to, walking, cycling, amateur radio and of course IT! The majority of my time is however spent on IT projects, some of which are personal projects and some are for others. You can see some of my projects in the “IT Projects” section of the site. I predominantly work in Windows Server environments, however I have also successfully setup and managed VOIP phone systems, IP CCTV systems, Email systems and Unified Threat Management (UTM) solutions. During this time I have had the opportunity to develop my Web and Database development skills, using WordPress I have been able to quickly develop websites on a tight budget and short deadline, I have also successfully developed multiple databases using Microsoft Access and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), including a dynamic and user friendly Library Management System.