What is BYOD?

BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device. Usually this is a scheme that is used in businesses to increase productivity in workers.

Why use BYOD?

BYOD is a good as it makes workers feel happier about the device they are using as its theirs and has there own operating system loaded onto it and is customised to their preferences.

Potential BYOD Implementation Issues

Whenever you are implementing new IT systems there is always challenges that you will face, with BYOD this is not exception. One main issue before implementing new systems is reviewing the security and seeing if it will effect the overall network security, BYOD uses your existing wireless infrastructure and eliminates the need to review whole network security. However installing BYOD comes with its own set of challenges, first you have to revise the way that you manage devices on your network as there will be a lot more and they will not be following any naming conventions! You are also going to have to play with servers to allow non domain connected PC’s to access network shares. There is also the issue that employees are going to be using the same device to do work on as they use to what’sapp people! This brings the immediate challenge of seperateing work and personal life.

Ways to Implement BYOD

BYOD does not always just involve PC’s, it can simply be a worker bringing his mobile phone to work and connecting to WiFi to check his/her work email. In the simplest form just by having a wireless network you have BYOD! However this is a basic level and does not offer workers any more than they can access at home. The more advanced level is giving users access to there documents and file shares and being able to edit them anywhere on site. However you have to impose strict security rules on devices in this scenario such as enforced PIN or passwords locks and automatic timeouts.

Is It Worth It

That is not my decision! Although if you want my advice, do it! Just be careful with your security permissions and if your not sure then don’t do it as you could put sensitive company data at risk!

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