Corrupted Windows User Profiles

We have already looked at using roaming and local user profiles, you can read that here. One issue that occurs with both types of profile is them becoming corrupt, luckily its an easy fix.

What it means

A corrupted user profile means that for some reason Windows cannot access the data on your user profile because it’s either not there or inaccessible. In my experience I have found that for local user profiles this can occur when you delete the profile folder from the C:/ drive (Making it not there), the user profile folder is located at C:/Users/%username%. This results in you being logged on with a temporary user profile, when logged in with a temporary user profile any things you change are NOT SAVED. So for example if you change the desktop background and logged off, when you logged back in it would no longer be there and it would be the standard windows background.

How to solve the issue

The issue is luckily very easy to fix! Just follow the simple instructions below

  1. Open your system info page. This can be done by pressing CTRL X and then selecting system.
  2. Once you’re at this page if you look to the right you should see a list of options, you need to click “Advanced system settings”. Once you have clicked advanced system settings a new dialog box will open. It will look something like this:corrupt_profiles
  3. Here you need to select your corrupted profile, if your domain was called HOSKER and you username was mhosker then it would look something like this HOSKER/mhosker.
  4. If you click on your user profile then you should be able to click delete on the bottom of the box.

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot delete the user profile you are currently logged into and you cannot delete the “System” and “Administrator” profiles.


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