Best CMS?

In an older blog post I covered the 4 main ways to make websites. My favorite of all of those methods and generally the most popular was using a CMS. In this blog post I am going to cover what I would class as the 3 main ones and then tell you of my experiences using them.


Out of all of the content management systems I have used WordPress is by far my favorite! It is very quick and easy to develop and there is a wealth of plugins and templates available. I also like the way you install plugins, it’s much easier to do it on WordPress than any other CMS I have used mainly because all you have to do is search for the plugin and click install you do not need to search the internet to find the files and extract them to the site. Please note I am talking about and not They are mainly the same however the .com version is hosted for you and you cannot have plugins.


My first ever site was built in Drupal, and it was very respectable. Drupal is a very powerful CMS, however most people are not going to use all of its features to the full capacity. Plus for most of the things Drupal had out of the box you can easily install plugins for on WordPress. It also would take a lot longer to navigate the management console for Drupal and then longer again if you wanted to change text or move things around.


Joomla is supposedly somewhere in between WordPress and Drupal. My second site was built with Joomla and worked very well, however it did not look very pleasing. I always found Joomla the hardest to work with despite the fact it was supposed to be easier than Drupal! I would personally not use Joomla again, mainly due to the fact that I can easily extend WordPress even more to do all the things Joomla can do and if I still need more I can move to Drupal and develop there. This site is built using WordPress and I could very easily replicate all of the out of the box features of my Joomla site using plugins.

In Conclusion

I personally will always use for any site that I make. If I ever need more power than I can use Drupal, however I doubt I will not be able to find a plugin that will not do what I need with WordPress!

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